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New AVA: What to Know About Our Services

Interested in establishing a new AVA or petitioning for a change to an existing AVA? Here are a few things to know first about my services.

  1. Our analysis might not agree with your desired outcome. Our analyses are objective and founded in science. Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation as an expert on viticultural areas. I will not say or write anything that runs counter to my research and/or previous understanding.
  2. I don't author petitions unless a geographic study has been conducted first. About a third of my wine related projects have included a petition to the TTB, after I have prepared an objective study of the area. I am, however, selective in the petitions I write. If my research does not support a new AVA (or a change to an existing AVA), I don’t believe enough background information has been obtained, or for any other reason I don't believe the petition will be successful, I will respectfully recommend against a petition and turn down any request to prepare it.
  3. Getting an analysis to support your petition or a petition that I’ve prepared might not be as expensive as you think…but it will likely take a lot longer than you expect. While I work to be efficient with a mindset for staying on budget, working with the TTB requires a process, and that process takes years, not months. At a minimum, expect two and half years from the start of the project to any Treasury Decision. More likely, this process will take three to four years, most of which will be waiting for the petition to work its way through the process within the TTB.

To learn more about the process, please feel free to give me a call.

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